If you want to master everything that has to do with GoHighLevel, then the GoHighLevel certification program is your go-to.

My Verdict

The GoHighLevel certification program is a valuable course for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge in the ever-changing digital world and gain mastery of HighLevel.

When you sign up and complete the classes, you will unlock badges based on your progress – these badges can be displayed on social media and within the HighLevel community. You will be able to make money by selling your skills as HighLevel certified.

It has 2 pricing plans which are $97 monthly or $970 yearly which helps you save $149.

You can proceed to the HighLevel certification program here.

My Score


  • Good ROI
  • Increase Credibility & Trust
  • Get Recognized
  • Charge Premium Rates
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Supportive Community and Training
  • Responsive Customer Support


  • No Refund Policy
  • No free trial

GoHighLevel is one of the most popular all-in-one client management and marketing automation software solutions for small businesses.

It allows users to manage client relationships, automate marketing campaigns, accept online payments, schedule appointments, and more from one centralized platform.

As GoHighLevel continues to grow in popularity, gaining certification can help users fully leverage the platform’s extensive features to grow their business.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of GoHighLevel’s certification program, who it’s for, what’s covered, and how it can benefit your business.

What is the GoHighLevel Certification Program?

gohighlevel certification program home pgae

The GoHighLevel Certification Program is an official training program that certifies users on various aspects of using GoHighLevel to run an efficient business.

The HighLevel certification program aims to help GHL users master the various aspects of using the software to maximize results.

In my experience, I found the GoHighLevel certification program to be for individuals either beginner to seasoned experts.

When you sign up and complete the classes, you will unlock badges based on your progress – this badge can be displayed on social media and within the HighLevel community.

To unlock the badges, you need to have at least a 75% score in each of the stages – but there's nothing to worry about.

GoHighLevel provides extensive training materials in different forms to ensure that participants learn and master all the aspects of using the CRM tool.

It's worth mentioning that, as a certified partner, your name will be included in the GoHighLevel certified directory which makes it easy for potential clients to find you and pay you for your service.

What is Covered in the HighLevel Certification Program?

The GoHighLevel Certification Program delivers training across major aspects of the CRM software through pre-recorded videos and written study guides.

Key topics covered include:

  • Contacts/Leads Management
  • Building Workflows & Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing Functionality
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Scheduling & Appointment Setting
  • Using Forms & Surveys
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Reporting Features
  • Payment Integrations & Invoicing
  • Advanced Automation with Triggers
  • Segmentation & List Management
  • Ad Campaign Tracking & Management
  • Advanced Calendar Features
  • Utilizing Zapier
  • Understanding Key Reports

The training covers both conceptual knowledge and practical application of features. Users must pass exams to demonstrate their understanding.

Benefits of The HighLevel Certification

gohighlevel certification program benefits

There are many benefits to getting the GoHighLevel certification program for users, agencies, affiliates, and consultants. The benefits include:

  • Increase Credibility & Trust

Official GoHighLevel certification signals a standardized and verified level of expertise. This differentiation can inspire greater confidence in your abilities for both new and existing clients.

  • Get Recognized

Certified users get a badge on their GoHighLevel account which recognizes their certified status. Consultants and agencies can also opt to be featured on GoHighLevel’s official partner directory if they keep their certifications current.

  • More Referrals

Certified consultants often get more referrals for projects requiring GoHighLevel experience from non-certified users. The verification of your expertise leads to higher visibility and reference ability. Thus, leading to more referral commissions.

  • Deliver Better Results

Comprehensive training expands your knowledge of GoHighLevel’s vast functionality. Applying best practices enables you to better help businesses use GoHighLevel more effectively and profitably.

  • Charge Premium Rates

You can justify charging higher fees with official credentialing that gives you an edge compared to non-certified consultants or agencies.

GoHighLevel certification can pay dividends through increased credibility that unlocks more business opportunities over time.

GoHighLevel Certification Program Cost

gohighlevel certification program pricing

The HighLevel certification program currently has two pricing plans which are:

  • $97/month
  • $970/year.

When you opt into the yearly plan, you will be able to save $194 compared to when you pay monthly. I do recommend you go for the yearly plan.

For more clarity, take a look at the table below!

Yearly$970/year (Saved $194)
GoHighLevel Certification Program Cost

This expense covers the enrollment in courses and examinations that will propel you toward becoming a recognized expert in GoHighLevel.

Furthermore, the certification procedure provides merit by enhancing exposure and fostering networking opportunities.

In my opinion, the GoHighLevel Certification Program represents a valuable investment for professionals aiming to distinguish themselves in the competitive SaaS and digital marketing realm.

The expenditure of $97 per month or $970 annually grants entry to invaluable resources and an opportunity to be featured in the HighLevel Certified Directory. This inclusion opens avenues for seizing new opportunities, fostering growth, and achieving success.

Who is the GoHighLevel Certification for?

The GoHighLevel Certification is suitable for various professionals including:

  • GoHighLevel Users – Both new and existing users can benefit by standardizing their knowledge of the platform. This allows them to utilize the full power of GoHighLevel to maximize results.
  • Agencies & Consultants – Agencies and consultants who offer GoHighLevel implementation, customization, training, or other related services can differentiate themselves and build trust by gaining certification.
  • Affiliates & Resellers – Partners who refer or resell GoHighLevel can increase sales and deliver better service to their customers with comprehensive certification.
  • Career Advancement – For those looking to begin or advance their career in areas like marketing operations, sales operations, and client services, GoHighLevel certification helps stand out.

In a nutshell, anyone who currently uses GoHighLevel or works closely with small business clients that leverage GoHighLevel can benefit tremendously from GoHighLevel's official certification.

How To SignUp For GoHighLevel Certification Program

If you have an agnecy and you want everybody in your agency to get certified, you need to contact GoHighLevel via this email (certifications@gohighlevel.com) to find out if your agency qualifies for enterprise pricing.

If you're not an agency and you're signing up as individual, go to gohighlevel.com/cerftication and click on sign up.

You will be prompted to choose the plan you're going for, either monthly or yearly. Upon selecting one. You will be asked to supply few information such as:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number

You can take a look what you need to do below.


After that, click on “Go To Step #2” and you will be asked to select either you are going for the monthly or yearly plan. After that, you need to enter your credit card details in order to complete your order.

Once you enter your credit card details, click on “Complete Order” and you are good to go.

GoHighLevel Certification Exam Details

To gain GoHighLevel certification, users have to pass proctored exams testing their working knowledge of the software. Here are key details on the format of certification exams:

Topics Covered

Exams test concepts and skills across major aspects of GoHighLevel covered during the training program. The breadth covered increases with higher certifications.

Exam Length

  • Consultant: 90 minutes
  • Expert: 180 minutes

Exam Format

  • Consultant: 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Expert: 2 graded projects + 60 multiple choice questions

Passing Score

  • At least a 75% score is needed to pass and get certified

Allowed Attempts

  • Users get three attempts per year for each certification exam


  • Certifications are valid for one year before renewal is required

Working closely with authorized training providers gives you the best shot at clearing exams in fewer attempts.

Are There Continuing Education Requirements?

To maintain active status, GoHighLevel certified consultants must renew every year. Renewal requires taking 24 continuing education credits based on GoHighLevel product updates.

There are also opportunities for those certified to contribute to ongoing feature feedback and community support initiatives, which count towards additional renewal credits.

Through yearly renewal focused on new features and advancements, GoHighLevel ensures those certified stay continually updated making the credential an enduring indicator of expertise.

This renewal mandate and tight integration of the certified community into GoHighLevel’s improvement programs underscores the quality and seriousness of the official certification.

HighLevel Certification Program – FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about GoHighLevel’s official certification program:

How long does it take to get GoHighLevel certified?

It takes 4-6 weeks to get certified in the HighLevel certification program with structured prep programs that provide all materials and coaching needed for assured success.

Does certification give me special access to GoHighLevel?

Yes, certified users get a special badge visible on their account, access to the certified community portal featuring discussions and extras, additional credibility for referrals and listings, and early previews of new features.

What score do I need to pass the GoHighLevel certification exam?

You need to score at least 75% to pass the exam and get GoHighLevel certified.

Can I lose my certification?

Yes, certification can get revoked if you don’t accumulate enough continuing education credits yearly or violate brand guidelines for certified consultants.

What background knowledge is required for certification?

No specific experience is required. The training program teaches all concepts related to effectively using GoHighLevel to grow your business from scratch.

GoHighLevel Certification Program – Final Thoughts

GoHighLevel offers an official certification program to help users master its all-in-one client management software for small business growth.

Gaining credentialing as a GoHighLevel Certified Consultant or Expert signals to clients a verified skill level in leveraging the software to streamline operations and boost sales.

The certification curriculum prepares you to utilize the extensive feature set effectively through structured learning on both concepts and practical applications.

Anyone who currently uses or works closely with clients on GoHighLevel is strongly recommended to enroll in certification training.

The increased credibility and trust gained by adding “official certification” to your portfolio or services can deliver tremendous dividends for your business or career.

So take the first step and register for GoHighLevel certification prep right away!

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