An extended GoHighLevel 30-day free trial is available on HighLevel plans for our blog users only and you can secure your spot right here now.

Key Takeaways:

  • The standard trial is 14 days but you can get 30 days right here.
  • You can cancel your account before the end of the trial if you are not satisfied.
  • HighLevel customer support is available on the free trial.

When you just signed up with a tool – you will be a beginner on that platform and that happened to me when I was starting with HighLevel.

But with the help of the HighLevel free trial, I was able to play around with the CRM tool and master it before I made a full commitment.

It is worth mentioning that, it will take you a bit of time before you get things together with GHL and the free trial will help you skip through this stage.

To learn, apply, and, implement all you have learned within the trial period.

How to Sign-Up for GoHighLevel 30-Day Free Trial

GoHighLevel 30-day free trial banner
GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

To sign up for the GoHighLevel free trial, you need to sign up for the 14-day free trial and you can access the 30-day trial from your dashboard or with the help of customer support.

To begin. head over to

On the sign-up page, locate and click on the “14-day free trial” option, as indicated by the arrow in the image below,

GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

After clicking on the 14-day trial, the next page will ask you for some information regarding your business.

GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

Supply the information as examined above and click on “Go To Step #2” thereafter.

The next page will ask you to provide your credit card details. Keep in mind that you will not be debited at this time until the end of your GHL free trial.

GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

You can either cancel or continue to use the CRM tool after the end of your trial. After you have provided your credit card details, click on the start 14-day free trial to begin your trial.

You now have a GoHighLevel account trial which you can play around to understand how the system works.

What's Next After GoHighLevel 30-Day Free Trial?

Upon the conclusion of your GoHighLevel 30-day free trial, you face the decision to either fully subscribe to the platform or opt to cancel your GoHighLevel subscription.

Tailored to businesses of all sizes, GoHighLevel presents diverse plans, each equipped with features and benefits crafted to address varying business needs. The key is to select the plan that perfectly aligns with both your requirements and budget.

This transition is executed seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted access to GoHighLevel's powerful suite of marketing and business management tools.

It marks an opportune moment to elevate your business operations to new heights, leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of GoHighLevel's platform.

How to Cancel GoHighLevel Free Trial Account

Perhaps, during your GoHighLevel free trial, the tool isn't up to your expectations and you would like to cancel your account to avoid being debited, here's what you need to do:

  • Log into Your Account: Access your GoHighLevel account by entering your credentials on the login page.
  • Navigate to Account Settings: Once logged in, locate and click on the “Account” or “Settings” section. This is typically found in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • Find Billing: Within the account settings, look for the section related to billing.
  • Review Cancellation Policies: Before proceeding, review the cancellation policies to understand any terms or conditions associated with canceling your account. This information is often available in this section.
  • Initiate Cancellation: Look for an option or button that allows you to initiate the cancellation process. It might be labeled as “Cancel Subscription” or something similar.
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Once you've initiated the cancellation, follow any on-screen instructions. The system might guide you through a series of steps to confirm your decision.
  • Confirm Cancellation: Before finalizing, the system will ask you to confirm your decision to cancel. This is a crucial step to avoid accidental cancellations. Confirm and cancel and that's all.

HighLevel is an invaluable tool you should not keep out of your business which is why I have been using it since 2 years ago. Read my GoHighLevel Review here.

GoHighLevel Refund Policy

GoHighLevel does not provide a refund policy guarantee, as outlined in the agreement you accepted during the signup process. The terms explicitly state that no refund will be issued for a partial or unused subscription.

Fortunately, this might not pose an issue as GoHighLevel generously offers a 30-day free trial period.

This period allows users to explore the platform comprehensively, gaining insights into all its features and functionalities before committing to a subscription.

How to Get GoHighLevel Discount

GoHighLevel account upgrade
GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

Opting for GoHighLevel's yearly payment plan will result in substantial cost savings compared to monthly payments. By choosing the annual plan, you essentially pay for 10 months instead of the standard 12 months.

For instance, with the Agency Unlimited Plan, the monthly cost is $297, but with the yearly plan, you pay $247 per month. This approach allows you to enjoy the full suite of GoHighLevel features while minimizing your overall expenditure.

Here's a quick comparison of the pricing plans for both monthly and yearly subscriptions:

HighLevel PlansMonthly PriceAnnual PricePrice Per Month (Annually)
Agency Starter$97$970$80.83
Agency Unlimited$297$2,970$247.50
Agency SaaS Pro$497$4,970$414.16
GoHighLevel 30-day Free Trial

GoHighlevel Promotions

Throughout 2021, 2022, and 2023, GoHighLevel treated its user community to exclusive Black Friday sales, featuring compelling offers that added extra flair to their CRM journey.

For New Customers: A Grand 50% Off!

  • First-time subscribers experienced an incredible 50% discount on their initial three months of GoHighLevel subscription.
  • As a delightful bonus, new customers were also rewarded with a complimentary GoHighLevel T-shirt, adding a touch of swag to their CRM experience.

For Existing Customers: A Generous 50% Discount

  • Existing GoHighLevel users weren't left out. They were privileged with an impressive 50% discount when opting for an annual plan. However, this offer was exclusive and limited to the first 100 users who availed themselves.

Access GoHighLevel Discount Now: While the future of such sales events remains uncertain, we are committed to keeping this page updated with the latest information. We recommend bookmarking this page to stay in the loop.

GoHighLevel Coupon Codes

As of now, there are no verified GoHighLevel coupon codes in circulation. A simple Google search for “GoHighLevel discount” may yield results from various coupon websites promising significant savings.

However, exercise caution, as many of these links may redirect you to the GoHighLevel homepage without applying any genuine discount. We strongly advise verifying the information before proceeding.

Stay informed, stay savvy, and continue optimizing your GoHighLevel experience!

GoHighLevel Free Trial – FAQs

Is there a free trial available for GoHighLevel?

Yes, GoHighLevel offers a free trial for 14 days. During this period, users can explore the platform's features and functionalities.

What features are available during the GoHighLevel free trial?

Yes, customer support is typically available during the 30-day Free Trial to assist users with any questions or concerns.

Is customer support available during the free trial?

Yes, you can, though the free trial duration is fixed at 14 days, but it's extendable if you're on a SaaS mode pro plan.

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