I valued various factors to determine the best GoHighLevel Niches in 2024 and here are my results – including revenue potential.

NichesAvg. Income/MonthDurationScalability
Marketing Agency$5,000+Monthly & AnnuallyVery High
Web Design$3,000+Contract TermsHigh
IT & (MSPs)$150/user1-3 years dealHigh
Adv. Agencies$10,000+Monthly, AnnuallyVery High
Business Coaches$500+Contract TermsVery High
Law FirmsNot FixedContract TermsHigh
Insurance AgenciesNot FixedMonthly, yearlyVery High
Real Estate Agencies$10,000+/MonthMonthly, AnnuallyVery High
Solar SalesNot FixedContract TermsHigh
Non-ProfitsNot fixedMonthly, AnnuallyHigh
Best GoHighLevel Niches

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one client management and marketing automation software that makes it easier for service-based businesses to systematize their operations, attract leads, and increase revenue.

With its versatile feature set that includes CRM, automated workflows, landing pages, email marketing, and more, GoHighLevel can adapt to virtually any industry niche.

However, some niches tend to see greater success and ROI with GoHighLevel than others.

In this comprehensive guide, we compare the top GoHighLevel niches to help you determine the most profitable verticals to target with this platform.

How I Ranked GoHighLevel Niches

I evaluated various factors to determine the best GoHighLevel niches for 2024, including:

  • Client Lifetime Value (LTV): Niches with higher-priced services and opportunities for recurring revenue have greater earning potential over each client’s lifetime.
  • Services Suitability: How well GoHighLevel’s core features and functionality align with the needs and workflows of each niche.
  • Ease of Systematization: Niches that are easier to standardize and systematize tend to achieve higher efficiency and profitability.
  • Demand and Growth Potential: Both current market demand and projected growth for each niche were considered.

Based on these criteria, I have compiled rankings of the most profitable GoHighLevel niches this year.

Best GoHighLevel Niches

GoHighLevel Niches Banner
Best GoHighLevel Niches

At a glance, here is the list of best GoHighLevel Niches:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Web Design & Development
  • IT & Managed Services Providers (MSPs)
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Business & Life Coaches
  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Solar Sales
  • Nonprofits & Associations

Digital Marketing Agencies

digital marketing agencies
Best GoHighLevel Niches

Digital marketing is our top pick for GoHighLevel niches because of the high income potential and perfect alignment with GoHighLevel’s platform capabilities.

Running services like SEO, PPC, web design, and social media marketing can help you easily charge $5,000+ per month, leading to very high client LTV. These services also directly benefit from GoHighLevel’s lead gen, analytics, automation, and reporting features.

As digital marketing continues rapid growth – expected to become a $705 billion industry by 2027 according to Mordor Intelligence – the tools and infrastructure provided by GoHighLevel positions agencies in this space for scalable success.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Landing Pages, Forms & Surveys, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Reporting

Web Design & Development

Much like digital marketing services, web design and development command high price points and leverage GoHighLevel’s toolset effectively for sales and project management.

The typical website design costs between $3,000 to $15,000 upfront, with ongoing website hosting and maintenance creating recurring revenue streams.

GoHighLevel empowers these agencies to onboard more clients through automated workflows while keeping complex web builds organized across multiple teams and integrations like Slack, Asana, and GitHub.

As a $20.8 billion industry globally, web design also benefits from the digital shift across companies large and small seeking an online presence and e-commerce capabilities.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Forms & Surveys, CRM, Calendar, Task Manager, Asana Integration

3. IT & Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

MSPs are the unsung heroes helping businesses keep their systems, infrastructure, and networks running smoothly. By proactively managing, supporting, and hosting IT infrastructure for SMBs, MSPs have built a $307 billion market that’s still only halfway penetrated according to Grand View Research.

GoHighLevel gives MSPs the backbone to scale IT support and cloud services through its ticketing, automation, reporting, and billing capabilities.

The average MSP charges around $150 per user per month, leading to significant residual income as they land and retain clients.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Ticketing, Billing & Invoices, Service Agreement Templates, Reporting & KPI Tracking

4. Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Full-service marketing and advertising agencies are turning to platforms like GoHighLevel to manage the growing complexity of multi-channel campaigns, shifting budgets, and client demands.

With the ability to showcase results and continually optimize spending across channels like paid social, SEO, direct mail, and more, ad agencies benefit tremendously from process automation and data transparency.

This also allows them to expand their expertise across emerging platforms like connected TV and leverage insights to iterate creatives and strategies faster. As brands across categories increase marketing budgets, these agencies are poised for significant growth.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Campaign Management, Multi-channel Analytics, Reporting Dashboards, CRM

5. Business & Life Coaches

The global coaching market surpassed $15 billion in 2022, indicating tremendous demand for experts who can motivate and strategize behavior change on both personal and professional levels.

GoHighLevel allows coaches to attract more clients through its sales funnel capabilities and deliver better results by assigning actions, tracking progress, and keeping clients accountable.

Top coaches easily charge from $300 to $1,000+ per month for access, leading to strong residual income as client relationships are strengthened.

Overall, the flexible feature set and automation keep small operator coaches lean and productive.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Client Onboarding, Scheduling & Appointments, Surveys & Assessments Tracking, Task Assignment & Reminders

GoHighLevel Niche Comparison

NicheAvg. MRRContractsFeatures UsedScalability
Digital Marketing$5,000+Monthly, AnnualFunnels, Email, Analytics, ReportingHigh
Web Design/Dev$3,000+Project-basedCRM, Task Mgr, Calendar, GitHub IntegratedHigh
IT Managed Services$150/usr1-3 Year DealsTicketing, Billing, Automation, KPIsHigh
Marketing & Advertising Agencies$10,000+Monthly, Project-basedCampaign Management, Multi-channel Analytics, DashboardsHigh
Business & Life Coaches$500+Monthly, AnnualOnboarding, Scheduling, Tracking, TasksMedium
Best GoHighLevel Niches

Law Firms

law firms
Best GoHighLevel Niches

Law practices focus on providing value-driven legal expertise and advice to their clients – yet much gets lost in inefficient processes and lack of transparency.

GoHighLevel gives law firms the ability to demonstrate value and get compensated fairly by tracking billable hours automatically, managing case workflows, and automating follow-ups.

Although the legal space generally commands lower monthly retainers, the complexity of cases and services lend themselves to project-based pricing that can drive higher revenues.

Law firms can manage the entire lifecycle of cases all in one place, keeping them focused on legal work rather than administrative tasks.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Time Tracking, Project Management, Document Storage, CRM, Calendar

7. Insurance Agencies

Insurance agents and brokers leverage expert knowledge into financial security and protection for their clients. Streamlining back-and-forth communication and moving the application process online results in faster sales cycles and closed policies.

This allows agencies to take on more clients without expanding overhead.

GoHighLevel insurance CRM software packages provide tailored templates and assets for the insurance niche – capitalizing on the $1.5 trillion global market.

With higher value from commercial policies and business insurance driving revenue growth faster than personal lines, the automation and tracking within GoHighLevel positions these agencies for scalability.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Sales Automation, Policy Management, Document Storage, Insurance Website Templates

8. Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agents have traditionally relied on antiquated systems or manual tracking of listings, buyers, and transactions across spreadsheets. This made scaling agencies nearly impossible despite the incredible income upside from high-value property sales.

Modern real estate CRMs like GoHighLevel provide the missing infrastructure – including an IDX feed to automatically populate listing data to property sites.

Lead capture forms, buyer tracking, task automation for showings, and close management streamline an otherwise fragmented process.

With the average home selling price in the U.S. now over $500,000, and projected to grow steadily in coming years, real estate stands poised for technology-driven productivity gains.

Key GoHighLevel Features: IDX Listing Integration, Lead Routing, Showing Request Forms, Transaction Management

9. Solar Sales

The solar panel industry is entering a rapid growth phase as home and business owners seek energy cost savings and sustainability benefits.

Yet closing these complex, high-value sales requires managing stakeholders across multiple appointments, documents, and phases – often resulting in leaks within the pipeline.

GoHighLevel provides solar sales with specialized tools to drive conversions by automating multi-touch attribution and streamlining product education and financing.

By tracking the entire pipeline collectively, sales managers can pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks for both residential and commercial projects.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Long Sales Cycle Management, Task Automation, Document Storage, Specialized Solar PDFs & Materials

10. Nonprofits & Associations

Unlike profit-seeking enterprises, nonprofits and trade associations depend on community engagement, events, and donor contributions to fund their mission. Yet limited resources often force difficult choices between flashy fundraising campaigns and scalable infrastructure.

Modern membership management systems like GoHighLevel provide the missing piece – allowing organizations to track members, email supporters, capture event leads, and centralize data to identify new opportunities with consistency.

While monetary values are lower compared to service businesses, nonprofits unlock significant upside from improved operations and community trust to further their true north.

Key GoHighLevel Features: Donor and member Database, Email Marketing, Event Registrations, Volunteer Management, CRM

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your GoHighLevel Niche

While this guide shares our top recommendations for the most profitable GoHighLevel niches, your individual business goals, expertise, and constraints also play a role in selecting your ideal niche.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Industry Experience: It certainly helps to choose an industry you already have familiarity with or professional experience in. This way you can leverage existing insights for positioning.
  • Funding Requirements: Some niches like insurance and financial services require large upfront capital investments to get off the ground. Others like digital services have lower barriers to entry.
  • Geography: Consider targeting local niches like real estate, law firms, or restaurants to make it easier to demonstrate credentials or results before expanding regionally or nationally. Location-based targeting also pairs well with lead generation.
  • Fulfillment Complexity: Niches requiring extensive inventory, shipping logistics, or equipment tend to have lower margins and scalability. Opt for knowledge-based services feasible to deliver entirely online.

By carefully evaluating these criteria against niche opportunities with GoHighLevel, you can discover your best-fit market backed by industry-leading software.

Getting Started With GoHighLevel

Ready to leverage GoHighLevel to build a service business that scales in one of these top GoHighLevel niches? Here are a few pointers to kickstart your success:

Begin your GoHighLevel journey by signing up for the 14-day free trial. Go to gohighlevel.com/sign-up to begin.

On the sign-up page, locate and click on the “14-day free trial” option, as indicated by the arrow in the image below,

Best GoHighLevel Niches

After clicking on the 14-day trial, the next page will ask you for some information regarding your business.

Best GoHighLevel Niches

Supply the information as examined above and click on “Go To Step #2” thereafter.

The next page will ask you to provide your credit card details. Keep in mind that you will not be debited at this time until the end of your trial.

Best GoHighLevel Niches

You can either cancel or continue to use the CRM tool after the end of your trial.

After you have provided your credit card details, click on the start 14-day free trial to begin your trial.

You now have a HighLevel account trial which you can play around.

Other steps includes:

  • Perform competitor research within your niche using GoHighLevel’s Competitor Analysis feature
  • Customize your website templates and assets with niche-specific messaging & visuals
  • Create targeted landing pages and lead flows tailored to the buyer journey within your market
  • Develop packages, service pricing, and onboarding processes optimized for your clients
  • Leverage CRM tagging relevant to tracking niche KPIs and client types

With the right software foundations coupled with industry expertise, you can build an agile, scalable company prepared to serve the needs of your niche for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GoHighLevel be customized for unique niches?

Yes, GoHighLevel is customizable and adaptable to various business needs and niches.

What are the best niches for using GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is versatile, suitable for various niches. Commonly, it's valued in marketing agencies, real estate, coaching, and e-commerce.

How can GoHighLevel benefit real estate professionals?

Real estate agents leverage GoHighLevel for lead management, marketing automation, and client communication.

GoHighLevel Niches – Final Notes

GoHighLevel is a dynamic platform with applications across multiple niches. Whether you're a marketing agency, real estate professional, coach, or operate in e-commerce, GoHighLevel provides a versatile and comprehensive solution.

The platform's adaptability and feature-rich design make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking efficient customer management, marketing automation, and streamlined operations.

As you explore the best niche for your business, consider the diverse tools and functionalities that GoHighLevel offers to enhance your operations and drive growth.

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